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Who is Ben Diaz?

Ben Diaz is the Filipino Solution Architect who owns this website.  Having extensive experience in IT, he is also known as an Internetworking Expert, Webmaster, Lifestyle Mentor and Digital Nomad who helps conceptualize, design, build, test, deploy and improve corporate infrastructure, network and applications; supporting and resolving complex enterprise IT issues.

Ben Diaz's expertise has been instrumental in achieving corporate goals through contemporary, search engine optimized web applications.  He is currently breeding a group of digital nomads to help with the requirements of FinTech, Big Data, IoT and the rise of 'Technovate' to automate processes and conquer the web spaces while enjoying their lives in the real world.

Online Services and Communication


Web & Mobile App Design & Development

Conceptualize, design, build, test, improve and deploy for ease of use, scalability and security.


Search Engine Optimization

Suits the web organically, optimized to be found online, cost-efficient publicity and marketing.

tech online support

Online Tech Support & Consultancy

Online to assist promptly, amaze customers and resolve issues the way they'd do it themselves.

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NOTE: Ben Diaz or any one of the digital nomads may reply.



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Portland, Oregon, 97220 USA


Phone: +1 503 5681586