How To Be A Good Business Manager

To be a good business manager, you must have an extensive set of skills, from planning and delegation to communication and motivation and the list goes on.

Since the  skill set is so wide, it’s tempting to build skills in areas of management where you’re already comfortable with.  For long-term success and stability, it is wise to analyze your skills in all areas of management and then to challenge yourself to improve in all of these areas without prejudice.  Keep an open-mind, the minority in your company may be the cutting edge which can eventually lead the whole company into cosmic heights.

Live And Let Go

Consider these:

  • Never waste your time on someone who doesn’t value it.
  • Good relationships won’t drag you down, it would always lift you up.
  • Listen to positive people and skip the negative ones, brace yourself and let them pass you by.
  • When people doubt or disrespect your opinion, they are not worth your time and attention.
  • Life gets easier when you get-away from the people that makes it difficult.
  • All failed relationships hurt for a while but losing someone who doesn’t appreciate or value a life-long relationship is much better than growing old with unworthy person who may suddenly disappear to play around with someone else behind your back.
  • Stop bridging gaps for the people who won’t even lend you a ladder to climb back to your senses.

Men are known by the decisions they made

No matter the cost, whatever the consequences, they must have all been thought of and laid out to a Master Plan that gets everyone to follow whichever odds come along the way.

The Peacemakers’ Creed

There is no monopoly of good traits in any religion, it’s always the individual’s faith that matters.  Just as you came into being alone, you’d leave this world by yourself; with all the treasure and garbage you brought and carry forward.

There is no religion which would keep telling you to be good, neither will they encourage you to be otherwise; religion is just part of a person, not the whole of it; like everyone needs food but not everyone would want the same viands.

Yes, religions in this world are just like food for the weak souls.  You’d have to go through each one of them to realize their true value; see the big picture of how religion makes sense and you’ll discover what being a Peacemaker really means.  It is more than just bridging the gaps or breaking the ice or destroying the wall; it is a way of life.

As proven beyond doubts, a bad person given the right information and opportunities to be good does not stay bad for the rest of his/her life.  When you extinguish one, doesn’t that make u another one of them?

If You Are Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Upon reading this article, you may have several questions running through your head about the subject. Why did I write an article with such a childish title? What valuable insights can this article give me?

I wrote this article for several reasons aside from delivering the goodness of being happy and having the opportunity to change the world one person at a time. To name a few, let me break the sentence in the subject to phrases that make sense.

If you’re happy — We have total control over our own feelings, of happiness; believe it or else you’ll forever seek happiness when it’s just there all along. You have to perceive, create and reflect with your own sense of happiness; stop longing for it. Happiness is as contagious as smiles and laughters.

And — For every thing you do, something else will happen afterwards. Truth or consequence may not be your choices in this game of life but as long as you abide to the Golden Rule of doing to others what you would have them do to you, life must be fun and exciting. Not everyone would show you their true colors instantenuosly, you have to see what they’ll do next for not all good results are backed by good intentions and vice versa.

You know it — Whatever you are feeling now is true for you, that’s your reality. You have to keep yourself well-informed by your own inner self of being a person with zest for life.

Clap your hands —- You have to take actions based on your own feelings, beliefs and understanding of what this world and everything in it is all about. Your nods, claps, smiles and laughters are felt by the people around you. When you’re happy to lose a pound of weight it should show up with the right actions to be felt not like losing a game of chance or losing a good person you know whom has expired.

To express my deepest thought of caring for other people that surrounds me — including you — whether you like it or else, you are a part of me. We all live in this world which is full of fallacies, dreams, realities, conflicts, interests and good will. Some may not have realized it but we all share a common world, if not, one has either expired or got out of sanity.

As a dreamer, I enjoy seeing happy people everywhere. It is so much fun seeing happy faces around you, greeting each other with joy and peacefulness in their hearts — I would love to keep this same ambience where ever I go and for me to be able to do that, I have to start from within me and never foresake anyone else’s value in this world to enjoy his or her own life at least for the moment that I am around.

It would be better to change the world and be happy about it. The insight between the line “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” really makes sense when we were kids. Remember how you get to fascinate young other kids upon hearing those phrases from you; they either join you sing the children song or flabbergast with your diction and English words if they’re not fond of hearing the language.

I love sharing my insights on how fun and joyful living this life is. It may be the reason why God granted my mom’s wish of letting me live a good life. I was born a blue baby and it’s tough being one. Being born as a dead baby required my parents to have stable sanity and faith in God to move on with their lives. I believe when God said “If you have faith as little as the mustard seed, you can tell to this mountain to throw itself to the ocean and it will be done” he means look under the seas and there are mountains beneath them. Somebody else has thrown mountains into the seas or God has already placed them there to make believe; like there’s good in everyone of us though we may not have the faith required to figure it out. We are born by faith and by faith we should continue to live.

I have some other reasons in mind and all of them boils down to my desire of being happy and making our world a better place to live life to the fullest extent of our existence so when the time comes that we have to say goodbye to this world, we can be proud that we’ve had our share of fun and enjoyment of life according to God’s plan.

Reflecting on the subject, everyone knows whether he or she is happy or unhappy and you can decide to take control of your next feelings and keep it for long. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to feel happy about whatever this world is sharing with you or let the day pass by not feeling anything significant and it would be the same way your life will be felt by the world; like the air we breath everyday but importance not realized.

This article is dedicated to my kids at XPSB15 who seem to have so many sad stories to tell yet the funniest wave I have handled so far.

Own Your Education

As a student, the fastest, most accurate way to learn new things is to take responsibility over your own mindset and learnings.

When you keep in mind that whatever lessons you are faced with require your absolute understanding whether you initially agree to the presented fact or not does not matter, you have to acquire the knowledge you come across at that instance or else it will just fade away without getting anything good in return.

If you are still studying for the sake of passing the course, if you think that following your teacher will get you the high grade you want, you are out of your league and will not reap the best of what any school can offer, the knowledge you’re supposed to get will not add up to become wisdom since they don’t stay put.