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Thoughts by Ben Diaz

Live And Let Go

Consider these:

  • Never waste your time on someone who doesn’t value it.
  • Good relationships won’t drag you down, it would always lift you up.
  • Listen to positive people and skip the negative ones, brace yourself and let them pass you by.
  • When people doubt or disrespect your opinion, they are not worth your time and attention.
  • Life gets easier when you get-away from the people that makes it difficult.
  • All failed relationships hurt for a while but losing someone who doesn’t appreciate or value a life-long relationship is much better than growing old with unworthy person who may suddenly disappear to play around with someone else behind your back.
  • Stop bridging gaps for the people who won’t even lend you a ladder to climb back to your senses.

The Peacemakers’ Creed

There is no monopoly of good traits in any religion, it’s always the individual’s faith that matters.  Just as you came into being alone, you’d leave this world by yourself; with all the treasure and garbage you brought and carry forward.

There is no religion which would keep telling you to be good, neither will they encourage you to be otherwise; religion is just part of a person, not the whole of it; like everyone needs food but not everyone would want the same viands.

Yes, religions in this world are just like food for the weak souls.  You’d have to go through each one of them to realize their true value; see the big picture of how religion makes sense and you’ll discover what being a Peacemaker really means.  It is more than just bridging the gaps or breaking the ice or destroying the wall; it is a way of life.

As proven beyond doubts, a bad person given the right information and opportunities to be good does not stay bad for the rest of his/her life.  When you extinguish one, doesn’t that make u another one of them?

Own Your Education

As a student, the fastest, most accurate way to learn new things is to take responsibility over your own mindset and learnings.

When you keep in mind that whatever lessons you are faced with require your absolute understanding whether you initially agree to the presented fact or not does not matter, you have to acquire the knowledge you come across at that instance or else it will just fade away without getting anything good in return.

If you are still studying for the sake of passing the course, if you think that following your teacher will get you the high grade you want, you are out of your league and will not reap the best of what any school can offer, the knowledge you’re supposed to get will not add up to become wisdom since they don’t stay put.